2019 Headliner Soju

Soju – RuPaul’s Drag Race S11

2019 Headliner Ariel Versace

Ariel Versace – RuPaul’s Drag Race S11

2019 Headliner Genie

Genie – Drag Race Thailand S2

2019 Headliner Art Simone

Art Simone – Melbourne, Australia

2019 Ambassador Miss Taint

Ambassador Maximum Capacity

2019 Austin International Drag Festival Ambassadors, Headliners & Featured Artists

HEADLINERS: Soju (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11), Ariel Versace (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11), Genie (Drag Race Thailand Season 2), Jazell Barbie Royale (Miss International Queen 2019), Ursula Major (Dragula Season One), Miss Kitty Litter ATX (Camp Wannakiki Season 2), Diana Fire (Camp Wannakiki Season 2),Art Simone (Melbourne, Australia), Rowdy Rory (Austin, Texas), Merrie Cherry (Brooklyn, New York), Freddy Prinze Charming (Phoenix, Arizona), Mary Jane Styles (Austin, Texas), Lucy Stoole (Chicago, Illinois), Alexander The Great (Austin, Texas), Geneva Convention (Knoxville, Tennessee),Hugo Grrrl (Wellington, New Zealand) Vegas Van Cartier (Austin, Texas), Tucker Noir (Las Vegas, Nevada), Rosalind Hussell (Austin, Texas), Rasta Boi Punany (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Papi Churro (Austin, Texas), Nadine Hughes (Austin, Texas), May May Graves (Dallas, Texas), Max Ryder (London, England), Matryx (Orlando, Florida), Kitty Buick (San Antonio, Texas), Kat Sass (Chicago, Illinois), Jack Rabid (Austin, Texas), GhÖst (Berlin, Germany), Flarington King (Toronto, Canada), EmmaSis (Austin, Texas), Dr. Lady J (Cleveland, Ohio), Discord Addams (Chicago, Illinois), Damien D’Luxe (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Complete Destruction (Boston, Massachusetts)

Featured Artists: Alexandria Van Cariter, Avant Garbage, Bijou Bentley, Cash Monet, Chasity St. Cartier, Cheeki Khant, Cister Wife, Coco Bardot, Earl Grey, Gidget Von Addams, Gilda Wabbit, Kara Foxx Paris, Mandy Quinn, May Dai, Mini Kween Kee Kee, Ms. Anne Thrope, Rhonda Jewels, Robin From Human Resources, Rockem Sakura, Strawberry Fields, Tension

(AND your festival pass allows you to MEET ALL HEADLINERS FOR FREE!)

…Plus  our Selected Drag Artists…Lana Dahmer, Milani Kristal, Rahjai Le’crae, Bussy Queen, Shawn Benét, Vanta Blvck, Diablo Banx, Nova Darkstar, Fou Fou Ha Austin, Twiggy Belladonna, Althea Trix, Bunni Savage, Monica Monae, Mitchwell Hung, Boiz of Austin, Los MENtirosos, May Magdalene, SirGio, Gacho Marx, Pam Dulce, The Lady Mone’, Luke Skywanker, Kelsey Hammer, Banshee Rose,Johnny Boy, Alice Cooter, Mx Feelings, Justice, Vylette Ward, Alysha Pretty, Lady Monroe, Polly Nomial, Paradox Rei,Kim Trails, Emerald Van Cartier, Robin Rose Quartz, Karuchi Cassadine, Klingon Vanna White,Jezebel, Oxana Piranha, Chique Fil-Atio, Veronica Valentine, Tammi Gachi, Love Jones, Miss Taint, Hunsen Abequeer, Impulse Purchase, Jenna Von Scrum, Haus of Coven, Tanya Lasagna,Debbie Penetration, Casady Milan, Cheri Lake, The Lady Mystere Lopez, Taryn Tino, Aida Schiton, Pancho Panza, Rosalind Hussell, Luiz Fatale, Aries Fatale, Miami, Jodie Fosterchild, Dandy Velour, Creamosa, Apple Kombucha Spinach, Reina Rey, Sha’Nyia Narcisse, Jakarta Rimes, Sonova Bytch, Squirtboxx, Jessica Manscream, Shante Whitney, Diamond Dior, Targét, Hugh Licase, Coco Jem Holiday, Porter Bella, Static, C’est Kevvie, Shelly von Miller, Devery Bess, Ray Decorazón,Normandie Manchester, Corvin Rose, Carly Üninemclite, Brock Harder, Princezz Monochokeme, Ricky Rosé, Crimson Kitty, Viola DeGradable Dion Debris, Party Favors, Aurora Risay,Maxxx Pleasure, Rita Lynn, Mister Underwood, ZacKey Lime, Tipsy Rose Lee, eRiS, Peach Fuzz, Deb Au’chérie, Chunky Bruwster, Helen of Boy, Jack Hardness, Phaedra Phaded, Dean D’Monic, Anastasia Love, The Artist Formerly Known as Anton, The Bearded Queer, Mary Magnum,Derek Von Zipper, Dean Disaster, Fluid Snow, The Marvelous Mo B Dick, Dusty Bucket,Grandma Steven, Matt Cockrin, Sasha Mann, Lilly Storm, Noah Phence, Oxymoron, Glitterhawk, Veronica Valentine, Spencer Money, Friday le 8th, Veranda L’Ni,Nine Inch Males, Möna Massakre, Aurora Thunder, Gloria Devine, Felicia “Fefe” Minor,Enchanté LeFay, Boris Tudeth, One Million Moths, Honey Baby, Nitrix Oxide, Symone N. O’Bishop, Gaylord Rothschild, Diamond Giovanni, Misty Mountains Davenport, Holden Cox, Ivanna,Crystal Guysir, Amber Güetty, Sassy Charming Diazz,Trey Charming Stratton Michaels, ViLette Stratton, Opulent DeKay, Kilo Kikii, Phallus Johnson,Ben Flicker, Kandy krush, Weird Alice Yankadic, Rumor, Keri d’Tune, Anhedonia Delight,Jackie O’Nasty, Danny Fox-Trot, Johnny Deep, MysterySA, Atlas, Max Manchester, Mercury Divine, Dreama Belle, Rick Havoc, Lana Del Gay / Ike Onyk, Lil’ Haus of Little, Moana Lotte


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Be a Vendor for our Drag Market! Contact us at Vendor@InternationalDrag.org

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In the daytime, visit the Drag Village located in our host hotel where you will be treated to Drag showcases, a Drag Market, Meet & Greets, Panels, Workshops, Podcasts/Web Shows, Reality TV Auditions, Game Shows, a Photography Studio, a Glamour Lounge, a Welcome Show, after hours events, VIP & Artist Hospitality Suite,  and much more.

In the evenings catch our Drag Shuttle to the Red River Cultural District in downtown Austin to witness even more of the best Drag artists from around the world in multiple venues just feet from each other!

This is an ALL AGES festival. The nightly Drag showcases are limited to ages 18+.

Children ages 16 and younger should be accompanied by an adult. Some festival content and language (including artist performances) may not be suitable for all ages. Parental discretion is advised.

This is a 100% volunteer run nonprofit event produced by Austin International Drag Foundation Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to the education, support and advancement of Drag Artists everywhere.

Check out our incredible festival sponsors.

Festival Sponsor Werrrk dot com

Camp Wannakiki, official Austin Drag Festival Partner

This project is supported in part by the cultural arts division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.