Many faces, one common love.

The Austin International Drag Foundation Inc. was founded in 2014. Our non profit organization is made up of​ individuals of various backgrounds that have come together through our common love for the drag community. We wish to provide exposure and support for the drag artist community. In the future we plan on creating a national drag directory and event calendar and create a repository for information that would aid the drag performer in furthering their career and perfecting their craft. We also hope to expand our services into offering legal, social, and artist management services for drag artists.

I am creating the Austin International Drag Festival because I absolutely adore the Drag community. Drag artists play such an important part in our lives, whether you know it or not. They raise millions of dollars for charity. They expand our view of art through amazing creative performances. They also create conversation about gender roles in society. They are activists. The are leaders. The world would be a pretty boring place without our Queens and Kings.

I am creating the Austin International Drag Festival because it is the right thing to do and the right time to do it. The world is ready for a festival of this magnitude. I want to make sure that those drag performers that work hard at their art everyday are given the chance to be seen by the largest possible audience that I can bring to them. Please support your hometown Drag Artists.

Truly and Humbly Yours, Jamie Steward Bancroft
President/CEO of the Austin International Drag Foundation Inc.

Support Your Drag Community

Please visit our foundation page, management and volunteer website.