The 2019 Austin International Drag Festival goes from Thursday Afternoon to Sunday Night: November 14-17th, 2019.


During the day the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown becomes The Drag Village!

Holiday Inn Austin Midtown is located at 6000 Middle Fiskville Road Austin, Texas 78752.     In the evenings we will be partying in the Red River Cultural District where the nightly Drag Showcases will be taking place. AIDF Drag Festival Shuttles will be running at night from 9pm to 3am on a route from the hotel to the downtown venues. We have four 15-passsenger vans running on a loop.

For Vendors, the Drag Village opens at noon on Thursday and all other days at 10am.

For VIP passholders, the Drag Village opens at 1pm on Thursday and all other days at 11am.

For everyone else, the Drag Village opens at 2pm on Thursday and all other says at noon.

Daytime shows at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown are all ages and rated “PG-13”.  

Holiday Inn Austin Midtown Ballroom shows begin after the Drag Village has opened.

DAYTIME PANELS can be found here:

AGES: Minors under 17 must be accompanied by their parents at all times.  

All attendees under 21 years old will be marked with black Xs on their hands/bracelets.

This is an all ages festival.  Alcoholic drinks will be limited to the VIP LOUNGE.
VIPs include: Headliners, Featured Performers, Special Guests, Show Hosts, Stage Managers, Festival Staff, and VIP Pass Holders.  We will be checking IDs at the door of the VIP Lounge! Please respect the maximum capacity of the VIP Lounge. No one under 21 is permitted. No smoking is allowed. AIDF reserves the right to refuse service of drinks to anyone who appears overly intoxicated. The VIP Lounge is open from 11am to 3am.

Excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.

ALL EVENING VENUES WILL BE 21+ with the exception of Elysium (which is 18+).

Elysium is 18 and up.

Our Venues Include:

ThursdayFridaySaturday Sunday
Hotel BallroomHotel BallroomHotel BallroomHotel Ballroom
ElysiumElysiumElysiumThe North Door
Swan Dive

Venue and Downtown Addresses:

Holiday Inn Austin Midtown. Hotel Ballroom 6000 Middle Fiskville Road Austin, Texas 78752

Elysium. 705 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701

Vahalla. 710 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701

Sellers. 213 W 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

Rain. 217 W 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

Swan Dive. 615 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701

The North Door. 501 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702


Performance schedule will be updated here: is probably the best view of the schedule.

Drag Festival Shuttles will run at night from 9pm to 3am from the hotel to the downtown venues. We have four 15-passsenger vans running on a loop.

Downtown shows will begin at 10pm.  “Last Call” in the state of Texas is at 2am. 


Go to for tickets!

Volunteers will begin staffing the Registration table at 11am.

Opening day of the fest we will still be collecting payments.   We will also be checking IDs, and marking attendees who are under 21 years old with big, black Xs on their hands.


Here’s a pretty good article that sums up the most important parts: be nice, have fun, cheer loudly, clap, and tip the performers! Yes, in the US it is customary to tip drag entertainers and to make a lot of noise cheering. Tipping can be done in different ways. Some performers may have a tip bucket on stage, and some performers like to grab tips that are handed to them. And in some venues, people throw waded up dollar bills onto the stage! Just watch the audience, make your move, and TIP!

Bring Dollar Bills to TIP the Festival Performers

As the great drag queen Dolly Parton says, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”


We hope you will choose to stay with us at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown. 6000 Middle Fiskville Road Austin, Texas 78752

Book Your Room at

You can also do a google search and you will find a few budget motels that are a short drive to the Drag Village.  (Hotels are flagged in dark Blue.)

screen shot of Google search of area near festival hotel


Drag Festival Shuttles will run from 9pm to 3am from the hotel to the downtown venues. We have four 15-passsenger vans running in a loop.

Austin Texas is also home to rideshare car companies Lyft, Uber, and RIDE Austin.

We do not recommend taking a scooter to go downtown from the hotel.


Bring dollar bills for tipping the performers! Bring anything you need to take care of yourself.  Energy bars, reusable water bottle, aspirin, tissues, hand sanitizer, vitamins, and good vibes.  Bring your phone charger. Maybe even a power strip or an extension chord. Comfortable shoes, caffeine, mints or gum, energy drinks. A jacket. Dress in Layers: our weather is weird. Snacks to share because you make a bunch of friends. The restaurant has odd hours. 


The shortest distance from the Holiday Inn Midtown Austin is KickButt Cafe.

We are near the Highland Austin Community College Campus, and the Lincoln Village Neighborhood.  A short drive from Holiday Inn Midtown Austin is Wendy’s, Panda Express, Burger Tex, East Side Pies (pizza), the Omelettry (breakfast), and many other eateries on Airport Blvd. 

From the AIDF Board, our favorite places to eat (short walks or drives from the hotel) include: Vivo, Plucker’s, Easy Tiger, Kura Revolving Sushi is just around the corner (fun conveyor belt sushi and non-sushi options, not super expensive), Titaya’s Thai Cuisine, ramen tatsu ya, and Sweet Ritual – vegan ice cream! Personal Austin Favorites of the festival staff also include:  Quality Seafood (Tuesdays is $2 taco and pint night). Easy Tiger.  Torchy’s Tacos. Whataburger (24 Hours).

Austin has several food delivery services.  

Favor, Postmates, InstaCart, are some of the many apps you’ll find.

The VIP Lounge


VIPs include: Headliners, Ambassadors, Festival Management & Board of Directors, Special Headlining Guests, and VIP Pass Holders. (Featured & Selected Artists are not allowed in the VIP Lounge)
Only ages 21+ are allowed in the VIP Lounge (no exceptions).

No plus one’s or Artist friends/entourage will be allowed to enter the VIP Lounge.

There is a strict No Smoking policy (even on the balconies) at the hotel.

VIP Room attendants/management have the right to refuse to serve you and escort you out if you become too intoxicated. Absolutely no drugs of any kind. Food will not be available all day.

We request that noise be kept at a reasonable level out of respect for other hotel guests. Drinks are not allowed to leave the VIP Lounge. You will be asked to surrender your drink if you are exiting the room.

There is a room capacity of 20 guests.


ALL OF US: Festival staff, volunteers, artists, and attendees have a responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone at Austin International Drag Festival.  Safer festivals benefit everyone, and ensuring there are safe places where everyone can enjoy themselves is paramount. Please read the SAFETY information listed on our page here. If you have questions or concerns about safety, please write to:

FRIENDS of Bill W. (Sober Meetings in the Elm Room)

There will be Sober meetings available at 10am: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the festival hotel in the Elm Room.

Located just around the corner from our host hotel, Austin Galano Club is a great place to meet with other Sober friends and go to meetings. Their address is 6809 Guadalupe St Austin, TX 78752.


Questions about volunteering should be sent to: . If you would like to part of the Drag Village Market, please email: .  If you are interested in being a AIDF Festival Sponsor, or being a sponsor for our next big event in April 2020: the Great Austin Wig Out, please email . If you are a performer and have questions about your schedule, you can write to: . All other inquiries be sent to

Festival performance schedule will be updated here:

– Thank you!


PHOTOGRAPHERS/VIDEOGRAPHERS (VOLUNTEER) Volunteer photographers must check-in at registration to receive their lanyards and festival credentials. They have been assigned specific shifts and venues to do their volunteer work. They will be asked to agree to the festival safety regulations.

PHOTOGRAPHERS/VIDEOGRAPHERS (NON-VOLUNTEER) – You must have a special lanyard and festival credentials in order to take photos at our festival. Anyone with a camera (other than a cell phone) will be asked to stop taking photos and to speak to festival management to obtain permission and festival credentials. Not all photographers will be allowed to have a lanyard/credentials.

If a person is wearing a sticker requesting that you do not take their photo, then do not take their photo.

Festival management reserves the right to escort of the property anyone who breaks our rules. No refunds.