Official Drag Pride Flag

Austin International Drag Foundation Inc. ( ran a worldwide competition to design a flag that represents the diversity, values and pride of the Drag community.

 On March 9, 2016, a distinguished panel of judges (Chad Michaels, Alex U. Inn, Goldie Peacock, Jizzabella, Martha D’Arthur, Sister Roma, Danyel Vasquez, Tony Diaz, Kelly Kline, Walker Hill, Jason Wright, and Eddie Miller) chose the winning design out of the many received flag entries.

 We would like to congratulate Veranda L’Ni of Cleveland, Ohio for producing the winning flag design.
Please visit her web page at

 The official Drag Pride flag will be flown at the 2016 Austin International Drag Festival from April 28 to May 1 in Austin, Texas.

 About AIDF: Austin International Drag Foundation Inc. is the world’s first 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to the education, support and advancement of the Drag artist community. They provide resources and opportunities for those individuals seeking to further their careers through showcases, festivals, and various other media.

drag flag

Official Drag Flag Colors

Purple: PMS 7441 | Blue: PMS 2727 | Pink: PMS 236

Download The Official Drag Flag HERE